Argenti is a consortium of organisations created to deliver care technology services to the residents, on behalf of the Councils.

  • Red Alert Telecare
Argenti Telecare

We are the sole provider of care technology for people assessed by the Council as having an ‘eligible need’ for social care. With the Council we are now making our highly regarded care technology service available to people in Hampshire & Barnet who wish to purchase it for themselves or a relative. Argenti Private Pay comprises of 3 organisations, each bringing their own expertise to assist councils in providing the most comprehensive social care solutions.

It is headed by Red Alert Telecare Ltd, a leader in providing long-term, reliable, bespoke care solutions to elderly and vulnerable people across the UK, working with local authorities and commercial care organisations to make a real difference to the lives of those it supports. Red Alert have sites across the UK.

Red Alert are joined by:
Red Alert Telecare

PA Consulting

PA Consulting a principal provider of consultancy services with offices in London,
Winchester and worldwide. PA was established in 1944 and has along and
success fultrack record of innovation in a
range of sectors including health and social care.


Medvivo is recognised as one of the country’s leading providers of telecare and telehealth monitoring services. The Medvivo name is synonymous with quality, characterised through the delivery of monitoring services which are tailored to each person’s individual requirements.

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