Argenti Care Technology

Argenti is an award winning consortium of organisations created to deliver pioneering care technology services to help people live safe and independent lives. 

Installation, maintenance and rental of the care technology equipment is provided by Red Alert Telecare Ltd, a TSA accredited service. A leading provider of long term, reliable, bespoke care technology solutions to individuals across the UK, supporting independence, we work with local authorities and commercial care organisations. We have sites across the UK including within Hampshire, Kent & London to ensure speedy delivery and support.

Red Alert are joined by : Appello and PA Consulting in delivering the service.

PA is more than just a global consulting firm. Headquartered in the UK, our diverse teams of experts – strategists, innovators, designers, consultants, digital experts, scientists, engineers and technologists – accelerate new growth ideas from concept, through design and development to commercial success, and revitalise organisations with the leadership, culture, systems, and processes for the future.

Appello is recognised as one of the country’s leading providers of telecare and telehealth monitoring services. The Appello name is synonymous with quality, characterised through the delivery of monitoring services which are tailored to each person’s individual requirements.