Argenti is a consortium of three organisations created to deliver care technology services to help people live safe and independent lives. As of 1st April 2020 Argenti are commissioned as Dorset Council’s care technology service provider.

  • Dorset council
  • Red Alert
  • appello

With the council we are now making our award winning service available to people in Dorset who wish to buy it for themselves, a friend or a relative.


Argenti Private Pay is made up of three organisations (PA Consulting, Red Alert and Appello) who each bring a valuable area of expertise to the service.

Installation, maintenance and rental of the care technology equipment is provided by Red Alert Telecare Ltd, a TSA accredited service. A leading provider of long term, reliable, bespoke care technology solutions to individuals across the UK, supporting independence, we work with local authorities and commercial care organisations. We have sites across the UK including within Hampshire and Basingstoke to ensure speedy delivery and support.

Red Alert are joined by Appello and PA Consulting in delivering this service.
Red Alert


is recognised as one of the country’s leading providers of telecare and telehealth monitoring services. The Appello name is synonymous with quality, characterised through the delivery of monitoring services which are tailored to each person’s individual requirements.

PA Consulting a principal provider of consultancy services with offices in London,
Winchester and worldwide. PA was established in 1944 and has a long and
successful track record of innovation in a
range of sectors including health and social care.

If you would like to find out more about the partnered organisations, you can access their websites here:

We offer a bespoke service for all our customers

If you have a query or are unsure which is the right service for you contact us. Our friendly team are on hand to discuss with you your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

Self-installation now available – Due to Covid-19 we now offer a Self-Install option for select packages.