General FAQs

Looking for answers? Try our knowledge base below, and if you still have questions, contact us directly.

How do I pay for my Care Technology Service?

Credit/Debit Online Initial Payment: Pay for the first quarter payment, plus setup fee and any extras you may have selected, via Credit/Debit Card. Use our secure online payment service, which is processed immediately and gets your order under way.

This is followed by further quarterly payments via our Direct Debit payment system (This form is emailed to you once you have completed your initial payment)

What Personal details do we require for the Care Technology service to start?

We ask you to provide us with the following personal details:

  • Name, address and telephone number (payee and/or service user)
  • Relevant Medical details only
  • Responder details, designated contacts who we can phone in case of an emergency
  • GP details

Your personal information is held on a secure system and only used in an emergency.

We will not share these details with anyone other than our service delivery partners, emergency services or your GP Surgery

Why do we ask for responder details?

We ask for responder details so that our monitoring centre can contact your designated family members, friends or neighbours if you require assistance, or there is an emergency.

We will not contact your responders other than when we have received a call from yourself via one of our devices.

Is VAT charged on the Care Technology?

TECS equipment may be VAT exemptable if you meet the criteria. For example, if the service user has a progressive or chronic condition, which is non-improving, or is registered disabled then VAT is not chargeable. A VAT exemption can be filled in at checkout or a form will need to be completed when you apply for our service. If you are unsure, please contact us for advice. You can also check the HMRC website link:

Once I have ordered a package, do I own the equipment?

Generally, all our packages are rented from us, as are the extra pendants or falls detectors, however, certain equipment, for example ‘one-off’ payment items such the GPS watch, Oysta Pearl II and the optional extra ‘KeySafes’ are purchased outright and owned by you.

If my equipment has a sim in it, who owns it and who pays the fee?

In all our digital packages containing sims, even the ones where you have paid a ‘one-off’ fee to purchase the equipment itself, the sim itself remains our property and responsibility. All sim charges are already included in your monthly/quarterly/annual charges.

What are the benefits of the Care Technology Service?

Argenti’s Care Technology service gives the user immediate access to our friendly and highly-trained staff, with our TEC accredited monitoring partners who are there to help if you are unwell, feel unsafe or have had an accident or incident, 24 hours a day.

We pre-agree with you how you want us to respond in different circumstances, for example, who we should call when you need assistance. If an ambulance is required, we will arrange this and keep in touch with you throughout the incident. Even if you never need to call us, just knowing we are there will provide reassurance and confidence, especially if you live alone or are worried about how you would cope if something untoward happened.

What happens to my details if I no longer want the service?

If you decide to cancel your service with Argenti we will delete your data in line with GDPR requirements.

How is the lifeline alarm unit installed?

Whichever package you choose will have been pre-assigned and setup by our technical staff prior to delivery – Essentially this is a ‘Plug and Play’ device – for that reason, installation is normally a very simple process:

Our Digital starter & falls packages have dual mobile sims in them and do not require a landline, which means they can be ‘sited’ virtually anywhere within the home, where there is a cellular signal present. These packages also have a voice-assisted installation guide for easy self-install. The watch or other GPS devices also contain a sim in them and can also be utilised wherever a cellular signal is present in or outside the home.

Do you have an installation service?

Yes we do, however, it is only available in certain areas. You can either look at the map on our website for areas covered or call us if you are unsure.

How many key holders do I need to have?

Ideally, we would suggest you have two responders/key holders who live within 20 minutes from your home. However, we appreciate that this is not always possible.

If you do not have a trusted friend or relative living close by that would be happy to be assigned as a responder/key holder, all we ask is that you have a key safe installed.

This will enable authorised persons access to your home in the event of an emergency. We can arrange for a key safe to be supplied. Just select that option when you purchase your ‘Package’ at checkout.

Can I order an extra accessory?

Yes, you can. This is an excellent idea if you have someone else living in your home who may also benefit from an accessory, or you would like another one handily placed in another location in the home for your convenience. If there is a second user in the home, you just need to provide us with their details. Additional accessories are available at the checkout, for a small additional cost, when you purchase your package. If you are an existing customer and require an additional accessory, then please contact us and we can arrange for one to be delivered to you.