Practical FAQs

Looking for answers? Try our knowledge base below, and if you still have questions, contact us directly.

How are the Starter & Falls Package alarms activated?

There are three ways to activate the alarms and get help from the monitoring centre:
1. By pressing the button on the base unit.
2. By pressing the button on your pendant / wristband or Falls detector
3. Falls detector only – Using advanced technology, the falls detector automatically detects serious falls near the base unit (within approx 100 metres) using an accelerometer. It immediately raises an alarm, via the base unit, to a monitoring centre.

How is the GPS Watch Package alarm activated?

There are two ways to activate the alarm and get help from the monitoring centre or friends and family:
1. By pressing the button on the watch.
2. If you have the falls detector enabled, then this will detect a non-slumping fall, via its in-built accelerometer and automatically notify the monitoring centre and/or friends and family.

What happens when I press the button on my digital base unit or accessory?

When you press the button on your base unit or accessory, it places a call through to our monitoring centre and alerts them to provide assistance, even if they cannot hear you. When the operator accepts your call their computer will display your details including name, address, doctor, responder/key holder and next of kin information as well as any relevant medical information you provided.

The operator will talk to you via the powerful loudspeaker and microphone in the base unit to establish what has happened and agree the best course of action. If you are unable to speak, after repeated requests from the operator, then this will be escalated to your responders/key holders and if necessary to the ambulance service. If required, the operator will stay in regular contact until help arrives. If we call the emergency services, your next of kin will also be informed.

What happens if the falls detector activates?

The process is the same as with the base unit and pendant activation above. If you have fallen (slumping falls and soft or broken falls MAY NOT always be registered by the internal accelerometer) the device will automatically notify the monitoring centre as per the previous question.

What happens when I press the button or the falls is activated on my GPS Watch?

The process is the same as the previous answers, however, with the watch you will both speak via the watch itself and if not at home, your location can be pinpointed via the watch’s GPS capabilities. This will help get you the help you need to wherever you are located, even if you are unable to speak with the monitoring centre [Note: the accuracy of the GPS location finder can vary, depending on the area from between 10 – 200 metres]

Do you track me with the GPS watch?

No, we don’t track customers we only use location finder capabilities – there is a very significant difference between tracking and location finder – location finder is initiated by you the customer, i.e. when you press the alarm or ask for our help, then and only then, will we find your location to assist you.

The only exception to this is if a geofence has been requested:

What is a geofence? It is an invisible perimeter that is set by the customer or family, that if breached would automatically send an alert to our monitoring centre/family or friends – these can be very useful in aiding in certain situations, including caring for those living with dementia, learning difficulties, ‘walking with purpose’ etc.

What happens if I cannot hear you or speak to you?

Don’t worry, if we have received a call and do not get a response, we will telephone you back immediately. If you do not respond to that call, the operator will have all the information they need to know where to send help and will ask one of your nominated responders/key holders to visit you and check you are safe and well. If you have no local contacts we will call the emergency services.

Can I talk through starter or falls package accessory?

Either accessory supplied activates the base unit. Even though you cannot speak directly through either the pendant or falls detector, the powerful microphone in the base unit is extremely sensitive and will normally enable you to converse with our monitoring centre partners.

Can I talk through GPS Watch?

Yes, you can, however, only if and when an alarm has been activated. The watch itself is NOT a phone – a channel is opened between the watch and designated responders (monitoring centre) only during an alarm, via the dedicated server and therefore does not act in the same way as a mobile phone.

Can I wear my accessory in bed?

Pendant/wristband or falls detector – You can if you wish (there is a small chance of accidentally setting off an alert) although generally we recommend you place your pendant/wristband and/or falls detector on your bedside table, but remember to take it with you should you need to get up through the night.

GPS Watch – We suggest you use the ‘down-time’ of bedtime to recharge your watch. Again, if possible charge next to your bed, so that you can put it on if you get up through the night – just remember to put it back on charge when back in bed.

Can I wear my accessory in the bath or shower?

The accessories we supply are waterproof. Starter Package Pendant = IP68 (can be used in bath and shower); Falls Detector = IP67 (can be used in the shower, but should not be submerged); GPS Watch = IPX8 (can be used in both bath and shower).

However, if you prefer to remove them when in the bathroom, we generally suggest you put your device at a low level so you can reach it if you fall or get stuck in the bath.

The pendant & GPS watch is fine to wear in the shower or bath but is still recommended not to be fully submerged under water.

What happens if I press my lifeline alarm unit or accessory accidentally?

Pendant alarm – If you press any button by mistake, you can either cancel the alert by pressing the Cancel button on the base unit or just tell the operator when they speak to you that it is an accidental call and they will cancel it.

Falls Detector – if you accidentally set off the alarm or auto alert you will see a light flashing on the device whilst feeling a haptic ‘buzz’ – you can manually cancel the alert by shaking the falls detector (whether in pendant or wrist-worn mode) until the lights stop and it stops vibrating.

Otherwise, simply inform the operator when they speak to you that it was an accidental activation.

Please do not worry if a false alert has been activated, as in all cases, the monitoring centre will just be pleased to know that you are safe and well.