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Are you looking to purchase a KeySafe for yourself or a loved one? You can add a KeySafe to any package for £94.99 (incl. VAT)


We work closely with the following Local Councils and Boroughs

Recommended by Hampshire Council
Dorset Council
Barnet Council

A Discreet Safe for Keys

The KeySafe is a small, discreet safe for keys. It is an ideal solution for those who on occasion lock themselves out, or who need to give a carer/relative regular access to their home without walking to the door.

The device is tamperproof and durable, ensuring that only people with the correct code are able to access the property.

You can add a KeySafe to any package for £94.99 (incl. VAT).

If purchased with a package, the monitoring centre will be able to share the code with the emergency services to ensure that they can access the property if required.

Argenti Keysafe

  1. Falls



  2. Frail / Mobility Restrictions

    Frailty / Mobility Restrictions


  3. Cognitive Impairment

    Cognitive Impairment


  4. Home Environment

    Home Environment


  5. Epilepsy



  6. Safety / Vulnerability

    Safety / Vulnerability



*Charges are shown net of VAT; they will be plus 20% if the customer is not VAT exempt.

All Packages, except the ‘Out and About’ Package, require a working landline to connect to.

The ‘Out & About’ Package includes a one-off £149 initial equipment cost. Followed by £25.99 per month (paid quarterly in advance).

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