£25.99* per month (Paid quarterly in advance)

‘Out & About’ Package

  •  ‘Go anywhere’ safely GPS device

  • No phone line required

  • Up-to 4 pre-set phone numbers

  • One touch SOS button
  •  +£149 initial equipment cost


Includes one-off £149 initial equipment cost.
Followed by £77.97 paid quarterly in advance.

Go Anywhere Package

£149  initial purchase of the equipment.
£77.97 (Paid quarterly in advance) £25.99* per month.

A small GPS device that can be discreetly worn or carried by the user, which helps give them and their loved ones/carers ‘peace of mind’ that they are ‘out and about’ safely going about their day to day business.

The 24/7 monitoring service gives the user the benefit of independent living, whilst securely boosting their confidence.

Ideal for the more Active user

  • GPS tracking to pinpoint the location of the user.
  • Auto-answer enables monitoring centre to initiate a conversation.
  • Built-in Falls Detector will send alerts through to the monitoring centre.
  • One touch SOS button.
  •  +£149 initial equipment cost

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All our packages include:

Quarterly contract packages

We appreciate situations can change!

Your initial payment covers your first quarter, after which it is a rolling quarterly contract. You can terminate this with at least one month’s notice prior to the next quarter & we will arrange for the return of the equipment

No hidden fees

Our listed packages have NO hidden ‘set up’ fees or extras to pay for …


what you see is the price you pay!

Minimal paperwork

Most of the information we require from you to provide our services, can be filled in either online or via the emailed forms. We are environmentally aware, so we aim to keep paperwork to a minimum.

Free Delivery

Once you have provided us with all the information we require, we will dispatch your equipment, so that it is delivered within 48 hours.

Professional installation service included

Once you have ordered your equipment, our friendly staff will contact you on the details provided after payment, to organise the installation of your equipment & provide comprehensive onsite training from our experienced engineers. 

This service is all part of your package price.

Self-installation now available – Due to Covid-19 we now offer a Self-Install option for select packages.