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£25.00 per month (paid quarterly in advance)

Smoke Detection Package

  • Emergency response in case of fire – peace of mind
  • Audio Assisted Instructions – making self-install easy
  • One touch S.O.S button – peace of mind
  • 24/7 response service


+ £45 set up fee
Optional: £60.00 install fee

(all are +VAT, removable at checkout)

Smoke Detection Package

This wireless device links to the base unit and if triggered will send an alert through to our 24/7 monitoring centre, who will take the appropriate action, as well as sounding within the premises as well. This base unit runs on the cellular network and therefore does not require a landline and is fully Digital Switchover compatible.

Normally you are advised not to put smoke detectors in the kitchen, but for users who for example may either struggle to remember timescales or become tired easily when waiting for food to cook, this advice should be superseded.

Peace of mind

All the functionality of the Starter Package with the added benefit of a wireless smoke detector.

This smoke detector has been designed to be placed in areas of the home that may best protect the users, going about their daily lives, and give them and their carers/family members peace of mind of their safety.

All our package include

Contract Packages

We appreciate situations can change!
Your initial payment covers your first billing period, after which it is a rolling contract. You can terminate this with at least one month’s notice prior to the next billing period, & we will arrange for the return of the equipment.

Minimal paperwork

Most of the information we require from you to provide our services, can be filled in either online or via the emailed forms. We are environmentally aware, so we aim to keep paperwork to a minimum.

Free Delivery

Once you have provided us with all the information we require, we will dispatch your equipment, so that it is delivered within 48 hours.

We offer a bespoke service for all our customers

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