Hants Resident

Alarm was bought for my mother. When she had a fall, she was able to use the system to call for help and I was contacted and able to resolve the situation.

Mr Davis

I found the whole process effortless, from start to finish.

Hants Resident

Equipment has been used successfully several times.

Mr Davenport

The engineer was a really pleasant and helpful man. Most impressed with how clearly he explained everything to me.

Hants Resident

My neighbours listed on my contacts list were able to come and help me to get up and stayed with me until I had fully recovered.

Hants Resident

I fell out of bed and was able to press my button to alert someone to call for help

Judith of Hants

Thank you. Equipment ordered, delivered, installed and checked. Delivery was super quick, installation and testing easy and I now have peace of mind that, when I’m not with them, my parents have an amazing emergency service to rely on.

Yvonne, Hants

Thank you for promptly sending out the replacement alarm for my dad and talking me through linking the falls detector today. You are a credit to your company, always courteous, helpful and extremely efficient, thank you for your fantastic customer service.

Hants Resident

My husband tripped over while coming in from the garden. I heard him call out and couldn’t get him up off the floor. I pressed his button and the lady on the voice box sent for my neighbour. She came back from work to help pick him up and check him over.

Mrs C of Portsmouth

My father had a fall early hours of Christmas Eve and was unable to call for help. The falls detector worked perfectly and we were informed immediately. We were able to be with him within 20mins and ensured he had medical help. The Argenti Red Button service was there when we needed it the most. Thank you.

Mr S of Havant

The service was perfect as far as I was concerned …. it was smooth, it was easy and it was painless.

Hants Resident

The control centre called an ambulance.

Hants Resident

My husband fell when trying to sit in his chair. He was wearing the falls alarm and this was set off. The lifeline box called out to see if he was alright, but I was there and able to tell them that I had managed to get him onto his chair, and all was well.

Zoe of Romsey

Self-Install option: I must say it was very easy to setup and my parents seem happy now. All in all very happy with the system and service you have provided – made a difficult job much easier, thank you very much. 

Hants Resident

I have had a few falls and by pressing my button, you were able to phone my daughters.

Hants Resident

I fell in the garden without a phone and out of sight of neighbours and probably out of earshot. Without pressing the button I probably would have remained on the ground for hours. Within minutes of pressing the button help had arrived