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Welcome to Argenti Care Technology

Argenti was created in 2013 to deliver care technology services (sometimes known as TECS or telecare) to help people live safe and independent lives. We do this by providing instant access to reassurance and support 24/7 every day of the year, using inconspicuous wearable devices.

In partnership with Hampshire and Barnet councils we are now offering our highly regarded service to anyone in and around Hampshire and Barnet who wishes to purchase the service for themselves, a friend or a relative.

Argenti has over 16,000 service users and has won five national awards in the last four years for our quality and service.

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  • Who is the service for?

Argenti delivers care technology services to the residents of your local area on behalf of the Council.

  • Anyone whose health and wellbeing you are worried about
  • Concerned carers
  • People living with a disability or long term condition who want to maximise their independence 
  • People living independently in their own home who may want some extra reassurance 
  • FAQ's

Questions about our Care Technology Service?

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions on the right.

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Please send your query or call us (standard landline rates apply).

You have a number of payment options when you order your Care technology Service from Argenti:

Credit/Debit Online Annual: Pay for the year upfront and receive a discount.The quickest way to pay. You can use your card using our secure online payment service, which is processed immediately and gets your order on the way! This can be followed by Quarterly direct debit payments.

Credit/Debit Online Initial Payment: Pay for the initial first Quarter payment via Credit/Debit Card. Utilise the secure online payment service, processed immediately and gets your order on the way. This is followed by further Quarterly payments via our Go Cardless payment system

If the service user has a progressive or chronic condition, which is non-improving, or is registered disabled VAT is not chargeable. A VAT exemption form is needed to be completed when you apply for our service. If you are unsure, please contact us for advice.

No, the equipment is rented from the care technology operator, with the exception of the “Out & About” package which includes your initial purchase of the equipment. 

Argenti’s Care Technology service gives the user immediate access to our friendly and highly-trained staff, 24 hours per day. They are there to help if you are unwell or unsafe or have had an accident or incident. We will agree with you how you want us to respond in different circumstances, for example, who we should call when you need assistance. If an ambulance is required, we will call that and keep in touch with you until it arrives at your location. Even if you never need to call us, just knowing we are there will provide reassurance and confidence, especially if you live alone or are worried about how you would cope if something untoward happened.

Your all-inclusive standard quarterly rental includes the ‘selected package’ equipment as listed, postage, packaging and installation at the designated residence. Our Monitoring Team will be on hand 24 hours a day to assist you in any emergency you may have, allowing you and/or your carers to have complete peace of mind.

  • Support

Device support

If you are unsure as to what package is right for you or you have a query as to what other equipment we can provide please refer to ‘Package Suitability’ or contact a member of our team.

Service Support:

If any of the equipment supplied to you as part of your service stops performing correctly you can:

  • Contact us and we will attempt a remote resolution in the first instance. If a resolution is not achieved then we will either send out replacement equipment or an engineer will visit your premises to rectify the problem. Unless the damage is caused by the user, this support service is Not Chargeable
  • If your GPS device or lifeline unit is functioning, you can press the button to call through for assistance. Our monitoring centre will take the details and pass on the repair/fault query to our installation team to rectify the problem
  • If non-urgent you can inform us of any problems via the website, by filling the 'Contact Us' form

Argenti will respond as required and rectify the probem raised.

What our service users say ...

We regularly receive great feedback from our users regarding the service our engineers and other staff members provide.

  • Do you have a query?

If you have a question or would like us to contact you to discuss potential options further, please fill in the enquiry form and we will respond within two working days.

We offer a bespoke service for all our customers

If you have a query or are unsure what to order just contact us.
Our friendly team are specialists and trained in all aspects of our equipment – they will be delighted to help you….


During this Covid-19 outbreak and in line with government advice, our office-based staff are all currently operating from their homes. Please be assured that this has only a limited effect on the administration service we provide to our customers. If, however, you find issues with the any phone service quality, please do bear with the team as they work through this difficult period.

Self-installation now available – Due to Covid-19 we now offer a Self-Install option for select packages.